October 30, 2012

HIV Screening Practices for Living Organ Donors, New York State, 2010: Need for Standard Policies.

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In 2010, transmission of HIV occurred in New York State from a living donor transplant. Following this, the authors report on a survey that was done in 18 New York State transplant centers to determine practices in evaluation and screening for HIV. The centers performed living donor kidney and liver transplants. All centers conducted HIV antibody screening prior to transplant. However, there was great variability in the length of time prior to surgery, that the test was done. Most centers did this test >1 month prior to surgery. Only 50% of centers repeated the test within 14 days of prior to transplant. Many centers did not perform NAT testing at all. There is significant controversy with regards to the timing of HIV testing before living donor transplants. There is also controversy with regards to whether HIV NAT should be performed. This paper highlights the variability of testing within one state. A consensus conference addressing this matter took place recently. A publication from that consensus is awaited.

Transplant Infectious Disease

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