October 1, 2011

Impact of norovirus/sapovirus-related diarrhea in renal transplant recipients hospitalized for diarrhea

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Chronic diarrhea is a clinical dilemma in transplantation and often no specific cause is found.  Norovirus/sapovirus are enteric viruses that are increasingly recognized as a cause of chronic diarrhea in transplant patients.  In this retrospective study, kidney transplant patients hospitalized for diarrhea were studied.  Of the 41 patients with chronic diarrhea, about half were screened for norovirus/sapovirus. 16/20 patients were positive for these viruses.  Almost all of these patients had chronic diarrhea and five patients had biopsy proven graft rejection.  Prolonged viral shedding for several months was also observed.  This study provides clinical insight into enteric viruses as a cause for chronic diarrhea.


Transplant Infectious Disease

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