July 9, 2012

Risk and Prognosis of Hospitalization for Pneumonia Among Individuals With and Without Functioning Renal Transplants in Denmark: A Population-Based Study

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Pneumonia is a common problem post-transplant. The authors studied kidney transplant candidates and recipients to determine risk factors for pneumonia at the population level. Over 4000 transplant candidates and recipients in addition to over 80,000 controls were included in this study from Denmark. In transplant patients, the risk for hospitalization from pneumonia was 8-fold higher than the overall population. risk for pneumonia included males, age >=50, diabetes among others. Those who developed pneumonia were at increase risk of graft loss. Mortality was similar to the general population. Some important information such as immunosuppressive regimen, smoking status, and pneumococcal / influenza vaccination were not collected in this study. Nevertheless, this provides important epidemiologic information and quantifies risk for pneumonia in transplantation.

Renal Transplantation, Transplant Infectious Disease

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