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The values which we use to achieve this goal include

  • Communication between researchers and clinicians, between clinicians, and between different fields of medicine
  • Curiosity, as the issues that are important to one area of transplantation are frequently important to all
  • Editorial independence in selecting articles for inclusion, and in commentary
  • Innovation in developing methods to allow for the dissemination of important news and research

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The editors of Transplant Now are all actively involved in research, education or clinical care. They were selected with input from the Canadian Society of Transplantation Education Committee. Our editors review major journals in medicine, surgery, transplantation and related fields. Be aware that these articles have been selected for their potential impact, but may have methodologic flaws. Users are invited and encouraged to post comments about the articles on our site. As well, many use our list as content for a live journal club in order to further explore the validity and importance of the articles referenced.

Transplant Now is produced in cooperation with the Canadian Society of Transplantation. The CST has helped to recruit editors for Transplant Now, as well its promotion and dissemination.  While the Canadian Society of Transplantation endorses Transplant Now, decisions regarding selection and commentary are at the discretion of the editorial board.  The inclusion or exclusion of any article should not be interpreted as indicating a position by the CST in regards to their content.

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Jeffrey Schiff , MD, FRCPC (Renal Transplantation)

Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto
Division of Nephrology and Multi-Organ Transplant Program
Toronto General Hospital

Section Editors

Kidney/Pancreas Transplantation

Jeffrey Schiff, MD CM, FRCP(C)

Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto
Division of Nephrology and Multi-Organ Transplant Program
Toronto General Hospital

Janice Bissonnette RN (NP), PhD

Advance Practice Nurse
Renal Transplant Program The Ottawa Hospital
Clinical Researcher Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Heart Transplant

Francisco J. Cordova Perez, MD, FACC (interim editor)

Assistant Professor, Section of Cardiology, University of Manitoba
Heart Failure and Transplant Clinics, Saint Boniface General Hospital,
Nuclear Cardiology, WRHA Cardiac Sciences Program

Shelley Zieroth MD FRCP(C)

Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba
Director Heart Failure and Transplant Clinics, St. Boniface Hospital
Head, Medical Heart Failure Program, WRHA Cardiac Sciences Program

Histocompatibility and Immunology

Luis G. Hidalgo, Ph.D.

University of Alberta Hospitals – Histocompatibility laboratory
Alberta Transplant Applied Genomics Centre
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Infectious Diseases

Deepali Kumar MD MSc FRCPC

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Transplant Infectious Diseases
University of Alberta

Liver Transplant

Roberto Hernandez-Alejandro

Assistant Professor of Surgery
The University of Western Ontario
Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgery, London Health Sciences Centre
Surgical Director of Living Donor Liver Transplantation

Lung Transplant

Nancy R. Porhownik MD FRCPC (Respirology)

Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Manitoba
Section of Respiratory Medicine
Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Pediatric Heart Transplant

Jennifer Conway

Cardiologist, Heart Transplant Program
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Canada

Pediatric Kidney Transplant

Patricia E. Birk, MD, FRCP(C)

Medical Director, Transplant Manitoba-Pediatric Kidney Program
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Winnipeg Children’s Hospital

Pediatric Liver and Intestinal Transplant

Vicky Lee Ng, MD, FRCP(C)

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Toronto
Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
Medical Director, Liver Transplant Program, SickKids Transplant Center
The Hospital for Sick Children

Yaron Avitzur MD

Medical Director, Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplantation
Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Canada

Psychosocial Issues

Stacey Pollock-BarZiv, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics
SickKids Transplant Centre
The Hospital for Sick Children

Public Policy and Ethics

Aviva Goldberg MD MA (Bioethics and Health Policy)

Assistant Professor Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba
Section of Pediatric Nephrology Winnipeg Children’s Hospital

Please contact the editorial board with any questions, comments or suggested content at contact@transplantnow.com.

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