Other Projects

There are many other online education projects. Some of our favourites include:

Nephrology Now

Nephrology Now

Nephrology Now is a sister project to Transplant Now. It helps keep clinicians up to date with research in clinical Nephrology.


Nephrology Pearls

Nephrology Pearls is a project created by Daniel Schwartz, MD, FRCPC and Gemini Tanna, MD, FRCPC for Nephrology educators. It is designed to be used as an adjunct to a nephrology clinical rotation. It is part of the Medical Pearls project. Those trainees who sign up to Nephrology Pearls will receive an email each weekday that contains a clinical question and/or problem. The questions cycle every 2 months, in order to coincide with the length of many clinical rotations. The answer to each question, or the thought process that leads to the answer, represents a topic or concept which might otherwise be missed during the course of a clinical rotation.

Students are expected to try solving the question independently, and then review the answer with a supervisor.

Educators/instructors can sign up for the “teaching guide” version of the mailout, which includes solutions and suggestions for additional related discussion topics.

To register, students should be directed towards the student registration site.

Clinical teachers should go to the educators’ registration site.


Created by Dr. Jordan Weinstein, this site is an outstanding resource for trainees in the field of Nephrology. It contains housestaff manuals, teaching schedules, copies of lecture slides and much more. Visit the site at UKidney.com.